New fantasy novel for Fall 2012

Welcome to my new writer site. This one is about my books. So far I have one novel in print: Raven Dance. It’s available as a $25.99 trade paperback or $3.99 e-book, is an 800 page sci-fi adventure novel pitting an interesting collection of rebels against a dystopia on a far distant colony planet. “They should never have called it Utopia.”

Or is that spelled SyFy these days? Sci-fi was the term everyone choked on in fandom when I was young, SF was acceptable but not Sci-Fi stuff, that was those ghastly Saturday afternoon big-bug movies and Godzilla. Now sci-fi is old hat and the SyFy channel has CGI dinosaurs.

Raven Dance came out in April 2000, the same year that I got out of a 3 1/2 year stay in a homeless shelter. Due to lack of Internet connection, I didn’t do much marketing or promotion (any to speak of) but the book still paid out six or seven times over what I put up to put it in print. Best of all, it’s still in print.

After over a decade of many real-life adventures, I’m finally ready to publish another. The Sword of Arkatyr is an 80,000 word fantasy novel with magic swords, dragons, elves, dark elves and of course lots of wizards. I’ve been editing it for several years now and it’s about ready to go to my editor – the final edits will come with professional advice.

The one gap self publishing has versus selling a book to a publisher is that a pro editor will look over it without being the author. My editor will see into my blind spot and kick this work up that final notch to the best it can be before you get the e-book onto your device.

I’ll be blogging its progress here and also talking about other upcoming titles. With over a decade’s novels stashed in my archives, I’ve got plenty to work with. I’ll still be creating new ones as I go. The one thing I promise you about my writing is this.

I write better than I used to and not as well as I will.

Enjoy. There’ll be plenty more to come. Progress on this project and plans for future ones. We’ll see what it takes to get a steady production schedule going and how long it’ll take start to finish to get something out of the “warehouse” into readable shape in your device.

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