Quick update – success!

I set off to find the soppy vampire vignette and write the actual story instead of the vignette. I forgot what it was titled, fished around, opened something that looked like it, read what it was and dropped my jaw.

It was a good story. I hadn’t even sent it anywhere as far as I know. Short, only 1,500 words. Didn’t need much work, only a little line edit. Lot of emotion.

So I cleaned it up, put it in manuscript format and sent it off to The Dark magazine. It’s gone. Second submission of the week. The Plan is working. Even a half day, I can accomplish something.

I still might dig out the vignette and see if I can write the new one too since my head is now in “whiny young vampires” but the one in the story I sent had a lot of character – more character than the vignette boy anyway. I need to really pound that kid when I find his fragment. Such whininess needs a double fistful of trouble to wake him up to more than his internal struggles. Mwuhahaha…