Fast response!

Whoohoo! Again a fast response to my last story submission. Not just a fast rejection but a personal one with an editorial comment. The plot didn’t do it for him. So next time I’ll send him one that’s less emotional-poignant and more on the gore, see if he likes horror with the big messy stuff. If that doesn’t work, then go for psychological terrorism in some over the top situation. I’ll just keep trying different flavors of horror till I find what this editor wants.

He made it clear by answering personally that he wants me to try again with something different. Since it’s the plot, I’ll try with a different type of plot. This is a new magazine or I would be buying up back issues to see what he wanted in the past. I feel confident though. More confident to get that back that fast and personal, because now it’s just a matter of trial and error till I get in.

Hmm… maybe a vengeance plot next time… those are classic. Something a little off beat on the vengeance. Something a bit deep and gritty.